Agia Evpraxia

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The Convent of St. Evpraxia is just a 5-minute walk below the Monastery of Profita Ilias. Facing the monastery’s entrance, walk to the right toward the threshing floor. You will see a gate and steps leading down through an arched doorway. The path continues on down to the convent.

While the convent grounds provide spectacular views of the island, its inner courtyard has the peaceful atmosphere of a sanctuary. The convent’s chapel houses an icon of the saint reputed to have miraculous powers. The ossouary is the resting place of the remains of Iacovos Tombsis, Hydra’s first admiral

Gioni-Dokos built the Convent of Saint Evpraxia in 1808 for his daughter, a nun. The nameday of Saint Evpraxia is celebrated on July 25th.