Donkey Etiquette

About Hydra / FAQ & Tips

The donkeys, mules, and horses parked around the harbor and Hydra Town are well used to people and the bustle of a busy morning or afternoon. These animals are docile, and you needn’t fear passing them. Taking pictures of donkeys is fine, though some muleteers will get annoyed if you include them in any photographs.

_DonkeyEleIt’s really not a good idea to pet unattended donkeys, especially those tied up off the port in the town and surrounding villages. Not all of them are used to being touched by strange people, thought they are perfectly content to let you pass unmolested. Also, please don’t feed the donkeys.

Donkeys with wide loads have right of way. If, while walking through Hydra’s narrow streets and alleys, you see a donkey approaching, it’s best to step aside or duck into a doorway to let it and its driver pass.