By Car or Taxi to Ermioni or Metoxi

From Athens International Airport (AIA), the driving distance to Metoxi, a village on the Peloponnese across from Hydra, or Ermioni is about 216 km and will typically take just under 3 hours with normal traffic. (If you need to return a rented car, be sure to add an additional half hour or so.)

By Taxi

Taxis are available at the taxi rank outside the arrivals area at the Athens airport. It is also possible to book a taxi through a private service. Athens Airport Taxi and Athens Airport Transfer offer an online booking service and can take you from the Airport to Metoxi, across from Hydra; fares from the airport to Hydra can reach around €250 one way, but it’s possible to negotiate a better price if you plan in advance. Greece Taxi also offers transfer service from the Athens airport to Piraeus.

Eudaimonia Private Tours

Eudaimonia is a private tour operator that can organize your arrival and departure as well as your experience during your stay. For more info, visit their page on this website.

Driving Directions

The Google map below show’s the general route from AIA to Metochi, along with driving instructions. The trip is fairly straightforward, but pay close attention to signs for the turn off at Corinth. It can sneak up on you!


From AIA, take Exit 20 for the E94 highway, heading toward Eleusina (Ελευσήνα) and Corinth (Κόρινθος). Just before Corinth (after about an hour and a quarter or so), just after you pass over the Isthmus (Ισθμια), you will exit the E94 onto Rt. 10, following signs for Epidavros (Επιδαβρος). At this point you should start seeing signs for Hydra (Υδρα ΥΔΡΑ). Just after Palaia Epidavros (Παλαιά Επιδαβρος), you will exit Rt. 10 onto Rt. 70 by bearing right off the highway, crossing under the bridge, and taking a left. At the traffic circle, go straight (as if you’re not entering the circle at all), and start following signs for Methana (Μέθανα) and Poros/Galatas (Πόρος/Γαλατάς). Pass through Galatas and continue on. At this point you will be heading toward Metochi, but you won’t actually get all the way there. Keep your eyes out for a small blue sign on the side of this road reading, “Υδρα,” and pointing left. If you pass signs for Porto Hydra or reach the traffic circle at Thermisia (Θερμησία), you’ve gone too far.

Goats in the road

Traffic jam on the Peloponnese

Once at Metoxi, you can take the Freedom & Metoxi Express water bus services or hire a private water taxi to take you to Hydra. You can purchase tickets for the water bus (€6,50) at the ticket kiosks near the entrance to the parking area, or you can buy them on the boat itself. Free parking is available on a first-come-first-served basis on the road leading down to the pier. Or you can take advantage of Metochi’s fully secure parking area (€5/day), which is guarded 24 hours per day. If you have a bit of a wait, there is a small taverna for beverages and light refreshments located in the square just before the ticket kiosks and car park.


Continuing on to Ermioni

If you need overnight accommodation or are returning a car rental to Pop’s Car, you will need to travel on to Ermioni. You have two options: you can continue on from the route outlined above. Ermioni is about a half hour further on. While this is not the shortest route, it’s the least complicated.

Pass the turn off for the ferries and continue on to Thermisia. At the town’s traffic circle, enter at 6 and exit at 10 (don’t get confused by the second turn off immediately this one at 9). When the road dead-ends at an intersection, take a right and follow signs for Ermioni. At the next traffic circle, you will enter at 6 and take the 3rd exit (essentially at 12). When the road forks, bear right (although if you accidentally bear left, you will still end up in Ermioni).


Alternately, you head directly to Ermioni from AIA:

Follow the directions from AIA as above, but when, after Palaia Epidavros, you turn off onto Rt. 70, cross under the bridge, turn left, and pass through the traffic circle, do not follow signs for Galatas. Rather, at Panagia (Παναγια), stay on the main road. This will take you into the hills in the direction of Kranidi, Ermioni, and Porto Heli. Just outside Didima (Δίδυμα), you will see a large interchange. Take a left, following signs for Loukaiti (Λουκαίτι), Kranidi (Κρανίδι), and Ermioni (Ερμιόνη). Follow this winding road until the next traffic circle, which you will enter at 5 and exit at 11. Continue following signs for Ermioni, and when the road seems to split, bear right. This will take you into Ermioni proper.


In Ermioni, you can catch catch a flying dolphin or cat or again hire a private water taxi.