The traditional and picturesque fishing village of Kaminia (Kilns) is located to west of Hydra Harbor along the coast road. Its name probably derives from Sifnos potters who worked in this region of Hydra. Here you will find the parish church of St. John the Baptist, the mansion that now serves as the nursing home for elderly, the ruins of the Ghikas mansion, and the beautiful red-yellow Mavromatis mansion in Kamini harbor itself. You will find no tourist shops, but there are three tavernas, two restaurants, a beach bar, and a small shop for basic groceries and supplies.

Houses sweep from the coast up the side of Mount Eros. Toward the back of Kamini you will see the stately ruins of the Ghikas mansion and the nursing home for the elderly.

Kamini is devided into two sections, Megalo (Big) and Mikro (Little) Kamini

Megalo Kamini

Megalo Kamini includes the area around the village’s harbor. Here you will find a boat yard used by the locals to repair and store their boats in winter and spring. Hydra’s sailors have used this area for that purpose for three hundred years. Every year on Good Friday Hydriots observe the custom of immersing the Epitaph in the seawater to as a blessing to the sailors of the island to help them in their travels.

Mikro Kamini

Mikro Kamini is located west along the coast road and includes a lovely pebble beach.  A large, fortresslike stone structure at the back of the beach, recently rennovated and now home to Castello restaurant and beach bar, is said by some to have been the island’s former armory; others maintain that it was an olive press.well.