Quick Phone Reference

FAQ & Tips

Hydra’s telephone exchange is 22980 and must be included when dialing any island landline.

Numbers beginning “69#” indicate cell or mobile phones and may incur a higher charge, particularly if you are calling from a mobile phone.

There are still a few public pay phones scattered about town. For instance, there’s one outside the main post office, one outside Ghika’s supermarket near Four Corners market, and another in Kamini Harbor. One larger grouping is found in a little alley next to the new municipal building (old OTE building) across from the Althexis pet shop, just down from the Rafalias Pharmacy in the main square. These operate only with phone cards, which you can purchase in the various general (“convenience”) shops and supermarkets. Generally if you see cigarettes for sale, you’ll find phone cards, as well as pay-as-you-go top-up cards for mobile phones (Vodaphone, Cosmote, etc.).


Police: 22980-52205
Port Authority: 22980-52279
Post Office: 22980-52262
Town Hall: 22980-52210, 53003


Cottage Hospital of Hydra: 22980-52420
Hydra Hospital: 22980-53150
Gavalas Pharmacy: 22980-53260
Rafalias Pharmacy: 22980-52059


Alpha Bank: 22980-54053
National Bank: 22980-52578


Hellenic Seaways/Hydreoniki Travel: 22980-54007
Freedom I & II (to/from Metoxi): 6947325263
Water Taxi Rank: 22980 53690


Ecclesiastic Museum: 22980-54071
Historical Archives and Museum: 22980-52355, 54142
L. Kountouriotis Museum: 22980-52421
P. Kountouriotis Museum: 22980-52245