Roulis: The Dwarf Donkey from Hydra

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Book Description

Hee-Hee-Hee! Haw-Haw-Haw! Hee Haw! and Hee-Hee-Hee! Haw-Haw-Haw! Hee Haw! brayed Mr. Mitsos, the daddy donkey, and Mrs. Rinio, the mommy donkey, out of joy for the birth of their little baby donkey on the beautiful and historic Greek island of Hydra, which is so small in size yet so large in character. On the stone-paved streets of this little island, you will not find any cars or motorcycles or even any bicycles, all you will find are many, so many, so very, very many sweet, friendly, hardworking and valuable little donkeys.


…Hee Haw! Yippee Yo! Yippee Yay! and Hee Haw! Yippee Yo! Yippee Yay! shouted out loud all the little donkeys of Hydra, joining their many joyful brays to create a melodic bray-concert, thus bray-welcoming their new friend and the new inhabitant of Hydra, the teeny weeny little donkey.

…Hee Haw – Hee Haw – Hee Haw! and Hee Haw – Hee Haw – Hee Haw! A very small, teeny tiny little donkey was born on the beautiful and picturesque Greek island of Hydra, which is so full of history and magic. They named him “Roulis, the dwarf donkey from Hydra”. Poor Roulis was not to blame for being born so small, the size of
a little chicken. It was not poor Roulis’s fault that nature made him a dwarf, very different from all the other little donkeys on Hydra, making him unable to help the kind-hearted people of the island with his hard work.
However, he never gave up and stood out for his great smile; a smile so rare because it came straight from his generous heart; a unique smile that shone bright with kindness and offered warmth, becoming known in every corner of the world as a “precious symbol of Love”.

… Hee Haw – Hee Haw – Hee Haw! and Hee Haw – Hee Haw – Hee Haw!

Message by the Director of the Historical Archives – Museum of Hydra

Dear friends and readers,

Roulis, the Dwarf Donkey from Hydra brightened the charming and magical island of Hydra with his special and unique smile; a smile glowing with kindness, politeness and warmth, generously offering every person he met the most valuable symbol of all, the gift of true Love!

Despite the different physical appearance given to him by nature and all the difficulties of being a dwarf, Roulis proved, with his charismatic personality and kind-heartedness, that all people – even those who are different and face many difficulties – have something to offer the people around them; all they need to do is fight, try and believe… All can be conquered with a vision, hard work, a positive attitude and true Love! I am certain you will all enjoy reading the charming story of Roulis. We would be delighted to have you on our beautiful island and to give you a tour of the Historical Archives – Museum of Hydra, which has put all its Love and Respect into preserving and promoting the symbols of the heroes of Hydra, who fought courageously for Greece’s Freedom and Independence.

Kind regards,
The Director of the Historical Archives – Museum of Hydra
Dina Adamopoulou
Historian – Archivist

Message by the Mayor of Hydra

Dear friends and readers,

I would like to welcome you to the beautiful children’s story of Roulis, the Dwarf Donkey from Hydra.

The warm and loving story of this tiny dwarf donkey greatly honours the beautiful island of Hydra, which is so full of history. With his incredible zest for life, little Roulis teaches us that all problems can be overcome through hard work and a vision! Most importantly, he teaches us that we all have something special to offer; all that is needed is some courage, faith and effort.I hope you enjoy the book and the charming island of Hydra, which is so full of inspiration, light and friendly, hospitable people.

We would be happy to welcome you on our island and give you a taste of all its beauty.

Kind regards,

The Mayor of Hydra
Georgios E. Koukoudakis