Walks & Hikes Heading East

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Hiking east of town will take you, by various routes, to Mandraki, Agias Matrona and Triada, Agios Nikolaus, Limnioniza, Cape Riga, Karelis, Climaki, and Zourva Monastery and Lighthouse, Agios Ioannikos chapel.

Agia Matrona and Agia Triadas

Agia Matrona is visible above the east side of Hydra Harbor. Agia Triadas, visible above the hamlet of Mandraki, is a little further along and is said to house the Holy Grail. Both are accessible from Hydra Town or Mandraki

Mandraki and Agios Nikolaus

The seventeenth-century convent of St. Nicholas is located high above Mandraki, the old naval port. The walk affords fabulous views of the island’s interior, the Saronic, and the Peloponnese.


Located on the eastern tip of Hydra, the isolated Holy Monastery of the Virgin Birth, founded in 1814, provides spectacular views as well. Given the distance by foot, many prefer to take a boat to the beach below and climb up to the monastery.