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This website provides itineraries for twelve hikes around the island, some longer and more arduous, others short and sweet.
Originally intended to be a book, published with gorgeous images of the Hydra landscape, the website provides access to useful hiking information and precautions, along with helpful photographs to help trekers find their way and recognize various points of interest.

According to its introduction, Focus on Hydra‘s “descriptions of the walks are punctuated by relevant architectural, historical and anecdotal information. Interviews with locals provide glimpses of Hydriote life and tradition. … The photos illuminate the island’s landscape and architecture, its people and animals, everything the appreciative wanderer wanderer may discover on his journey.” It’s well worth a peek!

For full details, see the Focus on Hydra website. See below for a synopsis of the itineraries you will find there.

Please be sure to read the handy tips for trekkers regarding suitable shoes and apparel, food and water, timing, and planning before embarking on any of the longer or more arduous hikes. Once you leave the environs of Hydra and its satellite villages, you won’t find any tavernas or shops; nor should you count on finding cell phone reception, so it’s best to plan ahead.

The twelve hikes include the following:

Please note that the times given are one-way approximations assuming a constant pace of between 4 and 5 kilometers per hour (2.5 to 3 miles). Additionally, some of the routes pick up where others leave off, and their times must be combined.

  1. From the Port of Hydra to Vlychos via Kamini, returning inland (time: ~1 ½ hours)
  2. From the Port of Hydra to Mount Eros via the Monastery of Prophet Elias and the Convent of Saint Evpraxia (time: 2 ½ hours)
  3. From the Church of Saint Constantine the Hydriote to Pevyes  (time: 2 hours)
  4. From the Sports Field of Hydra to the Beach of Limnionisa via the Monastery of “Agia Triada” (Holy Trinity) and the Convent of Saint Nicholas (time: 90 minutes)
  5. From the chapel of the Holy Cross (“stavros”) to the Port of Hydra via the Convent of Saint Matrona (total time: 80 minutes)
  6. From the Monastery of “Theotokou” (Mother of God) to the Chapel of Saint Mamas via Upper Kamini and “Loum Georgaki” (Gorge of George) (time: ~3 hours)
  7. From Vlychos via Palamidas and the Chapel of St. Marina to Christ Chapel (East Episkopi) and the House of Pavlos (West Episkopi)  (time: 2 ½ hours)
  8. From Christ Chapel (East Episkopi) to the Beach of Nisiza (time: 30 minutes)
  9. From the Venetian Bridge of Vlychos to the Cave of the Driopes (time: 90 minutes)
  10. From the Convent of Saint Nicholas to the Convent of “Panagia” (Birth of the Allholy) at Zourvas (time: 2 hours)
  11. From the Venetian Bridge of Vlychos via the Chapel of Saint Irini to the Chapel of Saint Mamas   (time: 90 minutes)
  12. From the Beach of Molos via Pavlos’ farm and the settlement of Zogeri to the Beach of St. Nicholas and to Bisti with the Beach of St.George  (time: ~2 hours, 40 minutes)