Castello Beach (Kamini)

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Located about 1 kilometer from Hydra Town just past Kamini Harbor, this pebble beach is situated just in front of the old armory, recently restored as a restaurant and bar called Castello. The strip of beach closet to the water and the surrounding rocks remain open to the public, whereas Castello rents the chaises longues with umbrellas stationed out front to its customers (5 euros per day). The clean, crisp water here is shallower as the beach shelves gently, making this a good spot for children and families. Do, however, bring some sort of swimming sandal as the stones getting in and out of the water can be very hard on tender feet. Two tavernas in closeby Kamini Harbor provide a more affordable alternative for refreshment if the prices at Castello are higher than anticipated.

A putt-putt boat runs to Kamini hourly; it docks just in front of the clock tower on the Port. Alternatively, you hire a water taxi (€10) or get there by foot along the coast road.