Agios Konstantinos

The Cathedral of Saint Constantine the Hydriot is unmistakably modern, with an Italianate belltower. Constantine the Hydriot, Hydra’s patron saint, is a so-called neo-martyr from the period of the Turkish occupation of Greece.

Agios Konstantinos icons10678671_873028246064234_12618060835495972_nConstantine had converted to Islam when living in Rhodes, then later reverted to the Orthodox faith. The Turkish authorities imprisoned him for apostasy and hung him on November 14, 1800.

He is celebrated on November 14 to huge feasting and fanfare on Hydra. From the concrete terrace adjoining the church you can enjoy a stunning view of Kiaffa, over the roofs cascading down to the port and to Kamini, then across the harbor to the Peloponnese beyond. The church is built on the location of the saint’s home.