Hydra Diving Center ◊ Vlychos

In Greece, scuba divers must be accompanied by a licensed guide by law, and Hydra Diving Center will take divers out both during the day and at night. Located in Vlychos, the center also provides scuba lessons, including to first-time divers. Equipment rental is available. For more information, visit the center’s website.


Giannis Kitsos: 6977792403
Akis Halkidis: 6982972084
website: Hydra Diving Center
email: hydradivingcenter@yahoo.gr

An interview with John Kitsos of the Hydra Diving Center in Vlychos from The Voice of Hydra website:

Diving—being thoroughly immersed in water–inspires mystery and even fear in everyone. Historically, diving for sponges was the work of Hydriots’ grandparents, who earned their living through toil and great danger to their lives. Today, diving offers fascination, an acquaintance with the underwater world, [and] for many is an enjoyable hobby. Not many of even those who travel around the world tend to dive, gleaning in this way knowledge of the bottom of each area.

For three years John Kitsos and Akis Chalkidis have operated their own diving school in Vlychos, the Hydra Diving Center. They have accumulated extensive experience, having dived professionally for over 10 years and working in other diving centers. Their love for the sea and diving prompted them to finally open their own center.

Chatting with John Kitsos as scuba divers, we set a purpose. To broaden the topic of diving and become familiar in all this preoccupation. In our endeavor, we extracted valuable information but also thought the idea of creating a park with wreck diving on the island.

Mr. Kitsos, what ages can take part and can  anyone dive without limitation?

Kids can start at age 8, and there is no maximum age. Those with heart or other health problems should not dive.

How safe is a dive?
Diving with air tanks is safer than free diving. … [If you] learn to dive, abide safety rules, and always dive with a partner, do not worry.

What do you offer as a diving center for tourists or local divers and what positive aspects of diving.

What we do is to offer pleasure, that is, to give someone who does or does not have a diploma a tour of the beauties of the sea bottom around our island. It is true that when diving you forget your troubles, feel calm, and become a guest for a while in another, underwater world.

Given by your school a diploma?

We work and we are registered with the PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors), which moves on a global level and the Greek Union. Of course our diving center presents diplomas. We make lessons even with one or two people.

What else working level move as diving center?

We also conduct diving operations, from cleaning and dredging harbors  to providing first aid to vessels that may have been hit. …

It’s free diving throughout Greece? For our island what are the allowable points?
Diving in Greece has opened in the past five years. It was previously forbidden to dive everywhere. Now you can swim in all parts except for some spots.

What they can see who dive to the bottom of Hydra?

The waters here are very clear water. The clarity of the deep impress visitors as they even see at 30 meters.The colors are still very nice. We have very large fish, as well as anemones, sponges, and scallops, which are not easily seen elsewhere.

We know that you would like to set up our island a diving park and how you work and present a proposal to the Municipality of Hydra, a virtual shipwreck attraction for our tourism. Refer to this topic.
We made an effort last year with the help of Dimitri Paul, President of the Association Emporoepangelmatikou Hydra and got in touch with former Congressman Maya Tsokli. We wanted to take an old naval vessels that would go for cutting, and the sink in Hydra, since it was the first cleaning. We even find and sponsors. It was something that has never been done in Greece. It was global advertisement for our island. As a result we would have diving tourism twelve months a year. Mafton way would open the door to create a diving park. We could compete with Egypt and Turkey. Because you know always interested divers asking us “what’s on your bottom?”. You see, in other countries facing shipwrecks and lots of fish. We have also spoken with this municipality, who were not negative but waited a comprehensive proposal. We do studies, but unfortunately, changed the government and should re-do our proposal in the state.

What does a diving park and what is the point you are proposing to create Hydra?

Talking about a diving park would like to emphasize that opened many jobs along with it. Is the environmentalist, the Oceanology, The Guardian etc. It could also City of Hydra have some income. Position as the dive park, we proposed two islands opposite shore. They have great depth, have too many fish, not passing ship and most importantly not caught. We hope in the near future to work on creating the dive park together, since if doing this will boost traffic even in winter not only from the surrounding dive centers: Spetses, Hermione, Porto Heli and from every corner of the earth that will blend with their hobby the wonderful holidays in our island

This article is translated from Foni Tis Hyrdas.