Idyll Foods


LogoThe products we offer at Idyll are fundamental to the cuisine and culture of Greece, and, more generally, to the Mediterranean diet. This mostly plant-based diet has been acknowledged by UNESCO as more than just a nutritious approach to eating – it’s also a way of life focused on community, tradition, and respect for the land.

Olive oil, honey, salt and vinegar; too often these simple, elemental ingredients are sold in bulk to companies that claim different origins and adulterated with inferior products (like many “Italian” olive oils). We want to change this, to share with others the purity and excellence of Greek food and food production. The peppery bite of our olive oil, the tangy kick of our vinegar, the colors and floral aftertaste of our honeys, the hint of the ocean in our fleur de sel—these are the dynamic and distinct flavors of Greece.

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