Ipapanti (Υπαπαντή του Χριστού)

The historic parish church was built in 1780 by Lazaros D. Kokkini, one of Hydra’s illustrious citizens. Many of Hydra’s great families, such as the Kountourioti, Kokkinides, and Sachtourides, worshipped here. The date, as well as the inscription, can be found above the main entrance of the church:

Prayer of the Servant of God
Lazarus Dimitris Kokkini Ktitoros

The domed building takes the shape of a Greek cross. The sacred image of the “Visitation” is at the heart of the church and attracts the admiration of visitors and church services. The interior temple displays beautiful woodcarving, and magnificent icons adorn the chancel. The silver oil lamps and temple utensils are gifts of prominent parishioners of the church. The belfry is marble. On the outskirts of the building are the graves of G. Kountouriotis and G. Sachtouri, as well as two more funerary inscriptions referring to the Kountourioti family.