Mandraki Bay (Mandraki)

Beaches & Swimming / Unorganized Beaches

Formerly Hydra’s military port, Mandraki, situated about 2 kilometers from Hydra Port in a small cove, provides a small pebble beach. The Mire Mare beach resort is currently closed, meaning that it no longer provides food and drink, accommodation, or beach facilities. Beach-goers are still more than welcome to use the beach, however. The Mandraki 1800 Taverna is still open during the summer and serves traditional taverna fare. There is a small beach with some chairs just below the taverna.

Mandraki can be reached by foot along the coast road or by boat. The walk along the coast road will take you past lovely villas and charming cottages and offers gorgeous views of the Saronic and the mainland, but there’s little shade, so be sure to bring water and a hat. Alternatively, you can take either a put-put, which leaves from under the clock tower in Hydra Harbor, or you can take a water taxi (€15).