Rhubarb! Tales of Survival on a Little Greek Island

Ever wondered what it would be like to escape civilization to a place with nary a television and barely a phone? In 1983, David Fagan arrived on the Saronic island of Hydra, Greece, for an hour’s stay, ripped up his return ticket, and marooned himself as a permanent inmate of “the Rock.” Through a series of anec-dotes, affectionately termed “rhubarbs,” he paints a vivid por-trait of life among quirky expats and loveable locals on a unique island during a bygone era, before the first world and the twenty-first century caught up with him.

Rhubarb! is available on Hydra in paperback for sale at €15 at Christina’s Speak Out Boutique in the centre of the port front and at Veronique’s Hydra Trading Company, up from the port next to Anne Marie’s supermarket.

You can also order a hard copy through CreateSpace or Amazon or the Kindle edition from Amazon.