Tsamados Mansion (National Merchant Marine Academy)

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Located on the eastern side of Hydra’s port next to the Hydra Historic Archives and Museum and built between 1780 and 1810, the Tsamados Mansion houses the National Merchant Marine School, which has operated continuously since its founding in 1749. In 1930, the school moved to its current location.

Anastasios Tsamados, a heroic admiral, was killed during the Greek Revolution (1821). The manor was later home to Athanasios Koulouras, a benefactor of Hydra.

Though not allowed inside the building, visitors can view the impressive exterior.

History of Hydra’s National Merchant Marine Academy

The National Merchant Marine Academy of Hydra, the first naval academy in Greece, began operations in 1749. First called “Saint Nikolaos,” the name was later changed to the Merchant Marine Academy of Hydra in 1800. In 1930, the name was again changed to the National Merchant Marine Academy. It still bears that name today.

Before the Greek Revolution, Portuguese and Italian instructors taught naval theory and languages at this school. The Naval Society of Hydra turned it into a private naval college in 1937.

Due to the prestige of the academy, the naval cadets are allowed to go on container ships as crew in order to get practical experience. A person is usually in the academy for four years. This academy has had 2,800 graduating captains on its rolls. The Professors here are famous for their papers on stars and astrophysics. This academy also provides training seminars for outside organizations.