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After having taught for 28 years all kinds of different groups of people (from professionals to amateurs) and understanding the need of nondancers to train, feel their bodies, and reach their maximum physical ability, stamina, and flexibility, I created my own system combining techniques (ballet, Pilates, a bit of Yoga, isometrics, and special stretches using thera-bands) that anybody who wants a safe, consistent, and beneficial practice can follow.

Christina Beskou offers floor-barre classes for individuals and small groups, as well as personal training. Her floor-barre routines include ballet exercises performed on the floor, isometrics, stretches, and pilates to promote strength, muscle definition, flexibility, and injury prevention.


A very special workout from Christina Beskou, Choreographer and Instructor

After having taught the Floor-Barre for over 25 years, I gained more experience considering the needs of people who are nondancers.  So I started creating new exercises for my students to understand how the body can work to it’s fullest ability with no pain and no stress. My main priority is a full warmup starting with all the joints, full spine, abdominals moving to the hips the legs the knees the feet.  In combination with ballet, a little bit of Pilates and Yoga, a lot of isometrics and Thera band stretches as well as a relaxation at the end, we arrive at a safe but also demanding workout.

Blending the techniques together makes it easier for the brain and the body to follow.
The class ends with a combination of stretches and a total relaxation.
No stain, no pain, injury prevention, body aliment, strong back and center, flexibility and awareness.


Perfect for anyone who wants to train, get rid of pain and feel good!

Available for:

  • Children(who want to become dancers, or just train)
  • Professional dancers(A full professional ballet class on the floor)
  • Non dancers, Athletes, Martial Arts lovers
  • People with chronic pain and injuries or after operation
  • Pregnant women and after giving birth.

Each category applies to a different class according to the needs.

Improve your posture, everyday life, sex life, and confidence.

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